Writing Prompt Freedom

Writing Prompt: Freedom


I want to challenge you all with this writing prompt. My goal is to get those who participate to consider their lives and all of the moments where they have experienced freedom. I’m not talking a shallow sense of freedom but a personal liberation so grand that it moved you. So this week consider every facet of your life, dig deep and think widely, and write about that exact moment.

As is true with every week, those who post will get featured on my Saturday post (free publicity!) Depending on the amount of participation, I’ll even post the work to social media and have it go the rounds adding to the traffic that goes your way. So what do you have to lose?

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Freedom”

  1. For our first vacation as a family, we packed ourselves into a shitty van and drove 2,000 miles to meet Mickey Mouse, while my oldest son sang the same Hootie and the Blowfish song 100 times because we couldn’t afford to have our radio fixed. My husband insisted on wasting our very limited budget on tourist trap sideshows and merchandise, while at night all 6 of us were forced to cram into a single king sized bed, legs akimbo, snoring into each other’s mouths.

    We were as poor as we’ve ever been and as as close as we’d ever be.

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  2. Uncertain if I’m supposed to be emailing this over or posting it here… drop me a line if I’ve messed up. The moment I felt at my most free.

    A year gone by

    A year gone by

    I watched myself, watch her watch me watch whilst she screamed.
    A lip biting, silent sound of release and exhalation.
    In that one moment at that final push was the quiet sound of revelation.
    A radiant light lit the room.
    Poppies grew an inch and glowed.
    Sunflowers turned in respect and admiration.
    soldiers knelt in prayer.
    I turned older and younger all at once alone with my pride.
    Inside, outside and beside myself as my daughter hit the bed between the legs I’d loved many times before and I was born a fresh and a whole in one moment.
    As complete and innocent in body and mind as the day I was born.
    Daisy’s sighed to the mild wind in release of a breath and I was completed tenfold.
    My title “dad” not even four letters but filled with an emotionally dictionary of words all lost in the moment of feelings, reaching a never ending crescendo of love.
    Love pure, crisp and clean.
    New dew mornings camping in the woods.
    Crispy clean sheets.
    An unexpected win for life, over joyed, overwhelmed, over love and beside myself.
    We relayed the carpets.
    Reorganised our finances.
    Rewrote my story.
    Redecorated the home.
    Rearranged our jobs.
    Rejoiced in love.
    Refuelled ourselves.
    Rekindled our passions,
    And after one candle lit dinner’s night as the baby slept,
    I watched myself, watch her watch me whilst she screamed.
    A lip biting silent sound of release and exhalation.

    Copyright G.P Williamson.

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