About Me

My name is Austin L. Wiggins and I am the voice behind Writings By Ender. This blog started out as a place for me to explore my voice, so within the archives you’ll see some material that doesn’t belong in the current running of Writings By Ender. Writings By Ender is a Writing Blog and as such it is primarily for writers and readers who are all on various stages of their writer’s journey. There is a common thread between all of those who view my blog and that is the wanting to improve their writing. They are seekers and are never quite content with their writing style, process, or genre. The goal of Writings By Ender is first to engage writers by getting them to write where then the community critiques the work together. Its secondary aim is to give tips and propose reading material and ways to look at reading in order to further benefit the reader. I share my short stories on as well and encourage writers either to submit to my site or to start a blog of their own.

For any inquiries e-mail me at writingsbyender@gmail.com.

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