Aphantasia, A Poem

Third-eye projector void Still running and shining Film reeling with no image Angel with goose-feathered wings Swooped to the artifice Running as hot as igneous And still no image How can you be in a theatre If you can’t play video? Angel asking marrow-deep question Am I broken? Artifice searched within Accompanied by goose down… Continue reading Aphantasia, A Poem

Lilies, A Poem

God (or whoever) granted the blossomage of lilies only two days Emerging from the pond, the flower opens pearlescent off-white At night fall it closes to guard itself The twilight of the bloom begins the next day It opens with petals pliant and pink Then closes a final time, jettisoned into the lake The pilfering… Continue reading Lilies, A Poem

Bloodline (For Dad), A Poem

Sometimes I still feel like the teenager Who took silent escapades into our living room closet To look at the thing your blood unknowingly passed to me I remember the fresh gossamer riddled closet The dust ridden portfolio case housing your past life. I will never forget your story Dad, the artist with lead and… Continue reading Bloodline (For Dad), A Poem

Pen and Paper, A Poem by Jessie Gutierrez

Each swipe of the pen is Like needle and thread; A suture to mend, All the ways these days Have cut me. Each sheet of paper sullied, Soaked equally with anguish and joy, Bleeds me of anxiety and need, Forever stained with the pain Of too visceral emotion. A healing ledger of what was once… Continue reading Pen and Paper, A Poem by Jessie Gutierrez

The Mind-wandering Wanderer

The wind told the boy to live To be unique bold and free He, although greatly pensive, Grew to a man who could see The person he couldn’t be So his soul became wild Still the wind filled him with glee Like when he was a child Fire, such insanity Taught the boy about passion… Continue reading The Mind-wandering Wanderer